Simply Delicious

Serving mouth watering Mediterranean food for 19 years.  Located in Kitsilano, Al Basha is a quaint restaurant to go to when seeking hearty and heart healthy mediterranean comfort food. Al Basha is always committed to featuring local produce, halal meats and satisfying dishes. With warm and welcoming smiles we invite you to come and try for yourself. Here are some of what our customers are saying:

I was introduced to this gem by a friend yesterday and must say- It is fantastic.  The Shawarma, and the falafel were to die for and I sat in silence whith 2 friends eating as we were all so engulfed in the food. The owner is friendly, authentic, and seems to take an interest in each guest, also remembering regulars and starting their food for them the minute they walk through the door.

Overall, thoroughly impressed, and salivating!

Melanie B., Squamish, BC


I am a huge fan of hand-held foods and given the dearth of decent burritos in Vancouver, one of my alternatives is to go the middle eastern route and get a shawarma.

I was greeted warmly by the owner of Al Basha and was immediately impressed at how spotless the kitchen and food prep area was. Watching someone carve and prepare food who obviously has done it a bazillion times before is a joy to behold and I marveled at how deftly  he assembled my chicken shawarma. He successfully avoided the cardinal sins of hand-held food by distributing all of the ingredients evenly from end to end so that bite 1 tasted exactly the same as bite 12 and by wrapping it tight enough so that when I rolled back the paper wrapper to take a bite it didn't avalanche all over my sleeve.

The bottom line was that it was delicious and a satisfying meal for $7. It is a cash or debit only establishment.

Cathy S. Vancouver, BC